Ekinoks Law Office
    • Representation of the parties in national and international jurisdictions in the resolution of disputes and disciplinary disputes arising from legal relations between athletes, technicians, player representatives, sports clubs, federation and federation unions,
    • Following the process regarding the corporatization of sports clubs, preparing the decisions of the board of directors and general assembly, writing the contracts, following all kinds of legal transactions in this process,
    • Providing consultancy services on legislation and practices regulated by national and international sports federations in the preparation of contracts such as sportsman, manager, transfer contract,
    • Preparation of contracts for all kinds of advertisements, publications, sponsorships arising from sportive activities,
    • Carrying out the necessary legal process on the protection of the rights of sports clubs or athletes, visual and printed publications that attack personal rights, and assuming party representation in lawsuits,

    All these are within the scope of our law firm’s field of activity.