Ekinoks Law Office
  • To open deed cancellation and registration cases or to act as the proxy in these cases,
  • Eliminating the Partnership (Removal of Rights), Opening and concluding cases of the right to use self-right (Shufa),
  • Following the settlement process arising from the Expropriation Law, Following the expropriation procedures and providing consultancy services,
  • Opening and finalizing cases of expropriation and non-expropriation,
  • Opening deed cancellation and registration lawsuits due to Muris collusion, or assuming party representation in these cases,
  • Regarding the right of easement and right of usufruct, following and finalizing the process related to the establishment and abandonment and provision of real rights related to securities and real estate, following the registration procedures required for the establishment of these same rights, filing and finalizing the necessary cases,
  • Opening any lawsuit arising out of the same immovable property or assuming party counsel in these cases,
  • To open cases that demand unfair occupation (extortion pay) compensation or to act as a proxy in these cases,
  • To open title deed cancellation lawsuits or to act as a proxy in these lawsuits, which must be filed against the savings contract made until the death,
  • Providing legal support for the purpose of resolving all disputes arising from the Zoning Law or assuming a party attorney in these cases,
  • Lawsuits related to criticism,
  • Providing legal assistance and consultancy services in the sale of real estate, inheritance due to inheritance and all kinds of transfer and assignment transactions,

All these are within the scope of our Law Firm’s field of activity.