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Regulated by the Mediation Law in Civil Disputes no. 6325; Mediation service is provided for the follow-up of the Mediation process, which is an alternative and quick solution for disputes.

Mediation is a quick and practical solution considering the workload and trial periods of courts today. In addition, resolving disputes through Mediation causes much less cost than judicial remedies; In this way, the parties reach a solution with much less cost and in a much shorter time.

The parties are free to apply to the mediator, to continue, finalize the process or to abandon this process. Confidentiality is essential in mediation. The parties may not share any information, documents or records submitted by the other party or obtained by other means during the Mediation negotiations with third parties. Mediation negotiations are conducted confidentially. As a rule; parties and other persons participating in the negotiations must also comply with this confidentiality.

The parties can apply to the Mediator before the lawsuit is filed or during the case, on matters on which they can freely save. Mediation is based on volunteering as a rule; In accordance with the legal regulations, it is obligatory to apply to Mediation before filing a lawsuit in disputes arising from the Labor and Commercial Law. This issue has been accepted in our law as a requirement of litigation.

In this context, mediation service is provided.