Ekinoks Law Office
    • All kinds of consultancy services under the Law of Obligations,
    • Preparation and control of contracts,
    • Interpretation of contracts and preventive measures,
    • Within the scope of the contract, settlement of disputes in payment and accounting in the performance of mutual acts,
    • Providing legal assistance in all disputes arising from the Law of Obligations, litigation or enforcement proceedings, assuming the representation of the party,
    • Initiating lawsuits or enforcement proceedings to be filed for the collection of receivables arising from any contract within the scope of the Law of Obligations, or assuming party representation in these files,
    • Opening of claims and indemnity cases arising from all kinds of unfair acts such as collection of lease or dues receivables, eviction of the leased, death, injury and similar acts, and assuming party representation in these cases,

    All these are within the scope of our Law Firm’s field of activity.