Ekinoks Law Office
    • Legal support during the preparation and signing of the lease agreements by the parties,
    • Collection of rent or dues receivables,
    • Due to the non-payment of the receivables arising from the lease agreement, opening the cases demanding the eviction of the leased or acting as the party representative in these cases,
    • Initiation and follow-up of enforcement proceedings demanding the eviction of the rented,
    • Opening evacuation cases due to the need or assuming party attorney in these cases,
    • To open all kinds of lawsuits related to the eviction of the rental due to the violation of the rental agreement or to act as a proxy in these cases,
    • Providing legal support regarding the increases to be made in the rental price, the adaptation of the contract and any disputes arising from any similar rental contract,
    • In case the rental increases are calculated in accordance with the law and the contract and notified to the other party and the rental increases are not applied by the lessee, initiation of enforcement proceedings with the demand for collection of rental receivables arising from the increase or filing of lawsuits and follow-up thereof,

    All these are within the scope of our law firm’s field of activity.