Ekinoks Law Office
    • Preparation of employment contracts and employer consultancy,
    • Acting as a proxy for any dispute arising from the employment contract,
    • To open lawsuits for severance pay, notice pay, overtime work, premium, work on general holidays, weekly vacation, annual paid leave and any kind of labor receivables with demand for the collection of these receivables, or for enforcement proceedings, assuming party representation in files,
    • In all kinds of disputes arising from work accidents; Acting as an attorney in material and moral damages cases,
    • Acting as an attorney in all kinds of lawsuits or enforcement proceedings arising from reemployment lawsuits, service determination lawsuits, premium-based earnings determination lawsuits and similar business and social security legislation,
    • Arrangement of protocol, protest or declaration,
    • Arrangement and follow-up of the contract of substitution,
    • Representation of the parties in mediation or mediation negotiations,
    • Following the lawsuits to be filed against the Social Security Institution,

All these are within the scope of our Law Firm’s field of activity.