Ekinoks Law Office
    • Any enforcement proceedings arising from Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law; enforcement proceedings without judgment, enforcement proceeding with judgement, follow-up through foreclosures specific to foreign exchange bills, follow-up through bankruptcy, follow-up demanding foreclosure and evacuation, follow-up through the conversion of the pledge to money, follow-up and finalization of the follow-up and finalization of execution and bankruptcy law ,
    • In legal debts arising from all legal disputes, as the creditor and deputy of the debtor, initiating legal processes, issuing a protest through notary public, applying to the mediator and monitoring,
    • Performing foreclosures, filing a complaint against foreclosures, making and following legal applications against the transactions established by the Enforcement Offices,
    • Initiation and follow-up of enforcement proceedings with evacuation requests for eviction of the rented,
    • Making the necessary applications or filing lawsuits for making precautionary lien applications or removing lien lien,
    • Opening cases of annulment or cancellation of objection to enforcement proceedings or assuming party representation in these cases,
    • Initiation and follow-up of bankruptcy proceedings after the bankruptcy decision,
    • Following the process of converting the common property into money and sharing the money within the scope of the execution of the verdict given by the court in the cases of Elimination of the Partnership (law the dividing up of an undivided property),

Following up on foreclosures and sales transactions through the executive directorate of securities and real estate; Consultancy and follow-up services are provided within the scope of the Execution and Bankruptcy Law.