Ekinoks Law Office
  • Providing professional consultancy services on apartment and site management within the scope of the Condominium Law and its application,
  • Consultancy service to the Board of Directors,
  • Creating management plans, determining the responsibilities of the management,
  • Planning the site management and block administrations in accordance with the Condominium Ownership Law, organizing the relations between the site and the block management,
  • Providing legal counseling during the assembly and decision-making process of the floor owners board in accordance with the legislation,
  • Solving legal disputes such as intervention in common places, not participating in common expenses, behavior contrary to neighborhood law, and assuming party counsel in cases,
  • Initiating the necessary legal processes to ensure the collection of common expenditure debts,
  • Sharing and auditing services in accordance with the management plan and the Property Ownership Law,

All these are within the scope of our Law Firm’s field of activity.